Extra campaign
Delivery and guarantee
How much does registration cost?
Registration is free for all.
How can I delete my registration?
Indicate your intentions on the contact site for our Customer Service and your request will be completed within 24 hours.
What happens if I can’t reduce the price of my product to 10$?
You can buy the product anytime on a decreased price, just click the basket next to the product in your list.
Do I need to buy the product until the campaign expiry date?
Products can be bought during the campaign period and after it too by making a new campaign.
Can I place multiple order?
We have different suppliers, so it is unfortunately not possible.
How can I check my invitation link?
If your link is correct, a box will appear on the main page with „-username- welcomes you in the world of Postrader” text.
How can I register a friend for a product?
By clicking the invite button in your list.
How can I increase my discounts?
After you choose a product and you put it in your list, start to build your commdevelopment/unity by inviting your friends. You will get discounts after your commdevelopment/unity's invites, after their campaign, and after our advertising revenues too.
What can be the balance used for?
Balance can be used for product purchases on our site.
* You can increase your balance by up to $ 0.5 per day!
Is there any warranty on the products?
We have manufacturer warranty on all product, so in case of any problem please contact us!
Can I buy the products without discounts too?
You can buy any products at full price by clicking the green basket on the product site.
How can I find users?
You can search users under the campaigns menu if they have an active campaign.
What are the payment options?
Wire transfer, credit card or PayPal
How can I pay with Maestro card?
Unfortunately, we can't accept this card, so you can pay through PayPal.
Where can I find the campaign of my supporters (those who likes your campaign)?
You can find a "Supporters" under campaign menu.
With who can I use the chat?
The chat function can be used between friends.
How can I upload a profile picture?
Click on your profile picture in the ‘Dashboard’ menu and upload your own picture.
Where can I edit my data?
You can edit your data under the menu of ‘Dashboard’.
How can I create a campaign for my product?
Click the "I would like this" button in your list, then edit your campaign. Your freshly created campaign will appear on our site after saving. Following the expiration of the campaign (which is normally 60 days) it will disappear.
How can I edit my campaign?
You can edit your campaign by clicking the 'My list' button.
Whatever destination you decide to choose, we will provide for you through a Voucher. Choose a Travelling Voucher and put it in your list to reduce its price. After purchasing the Voucher you only have to indicate where you would like to travel.
Real estate
Would you like to buy property? We support you with that. After purchasing the Voucher you can choose in which country and in which city you would like to have the property. Choose the Voucher that can be used for property purchase and put it in your list to reduce its price.
Would you like to buy a car? We support you with that! After purchasing the Voucher you can choose the car of your liking. Choose a Voucher, put it in your list to reduce its price.
Use Voucher
  1. Place the chosen Voucher in your list!
  2. Reduce its price with invitations!
  3. When the price is acceptable for you, purchase it!
  4. After that we will send you the Voucher based on the billing data.
  5. Choose the best car/real estate/travelling for you. (The Voucher can only be used in the given subject group).
  6. Give the data of the seller in order to contact with him/her!
  7. After making contact Postrader will transfer the amount of the Voucher for the seller.
  8. Your chosen product/service will be in your property.
  9. The usage of vouchers are partially limited
Further information about the usage of the Voucher
At the purchase of the Voucher, Postrader will issue the Voucher to the name of the entitled recipient and will send the receipt within 8 working days by return certified mail.
The person entitled to use the Voucher can only use the amount of discounts for product purchase. It can not be used for other purposes, such as the offsetting the fees related to the product.

If the event the entitled person ends up buying a more expensive product, the person is obligated to pay the difference to the seller.

The remnant amount possibly remaining from the value of the voucher will be credited by Postrader in the Active Pocket, which can be used towards future purchases.

The Vouchers chosen by the user can be purchased from the list either at full price or at remnant value. Their use can be determined by the users but only at the designated areas shown on the voucher. For example real estate voucher only for real estate.

The entitled person is obligated to indicate, who he would like to purchase the product from (the seller of the product) then following this, Postrader will execute the financial transaction directly to the seller. Postrader is not entitled to overrule the choice made by the person entitled to the voucher. The payment for individual products will be executed directly by Postrader USA LLC. and will indicate the owner of the voucher as the beneficiary.

The Postrader USA LLC. will pay to the seller of the given product the gross sum including the local VAT up to the amount of the value of the Voucher.

The owner of the Voucher acknowledges that in his own jurisdiction he is obligated to declare and pay the local tax authority all accruing taxes, especially such as 'other income', capitasl gains etc.

Postrader USA LLC. waives all responsibility and payment obligation arising from any such failures.

In the case of using certain Vouchers, Postrader will charge handling fees, which will be deducted from the face value of the Voucher but the purchasing value of the Voucher will not decrease.
Where can you request delivery?
Our supplier partners deliver to all countries in the World.
How much does shipping cost?
The price of the delivery is normally 20$ but in some cases we may charge extra fee during delivery.
How much is the time of delivery?
Delivery time takes about 7-30 days in the US and about 7-14 days in Europe.
Who can see my data?
Besides your public profile your data will not be visible to others and they will be not given to the third person.
Where can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
You can delete yourself from our mailing list by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter.
How can I upload a profile picture?
Click on your profile picture in the ‘Dashboard’ menu and upload your own picture.
Where can I edit my data?
You can edit your data under the menu of ‘Dashboard’.