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Postrader - the trading form of the 21st century.

You don't need to invest to earn money any more!

Postrader is a virtual trading platform that offers anyone the opportunity to trade with manufacturer's items through a sharing activity for profit. If you share an item, it will cost less.

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Postrader is the smartest way to trade. Visit the marketplace. Just share an item once and your profit will immediately be on the way. Your friend will know exactly from where the product have been sent. Every item is covered by warranty which gives you and your friend security.


Earn money any time, anywhere.

Full time job or unemployment?
You can conduct sales activity on Postrader around the clock, on the way to home or work or even while having your morning coffee. You can also become a reseller of us. Or you'd prefer becoming a supplier? Join us and list your items in any of the eligible countries!
With Postrader the choice is yours!


From affordable to luxurious.

Products from A-Z at wholesale price. Whatever you desire you can count on Postrader - no risk taken or investment required. Do you sometimes need a little bit more? Make a volume purchase!


Which one would you be?


  • Earn money without risk or investment.
  • Share our products free of charge.
  • We'll take care on transportation.
  • Get paid 70% of the profit.
  • We wish you a successful sharing activity!


  • Cheap, quick and comfy!
  • Buy at wholesale price!
  • Products with warranty cover
  • Free delivery*
  • Find anything, any time on Postrader no matter where you are.
  • Share it for a better price.


  • Serve your customers through Postrader.
  • You can decide on the amount of profit you want to earn.
  • You are free to decide on the cost of service you provide your customers.
  • As a reseller you will be provided with better price.

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