We give value to what you share.

Share our products with friends, after their purchase we will put a sum to your balance.

Invite a friend

Send invitations so your friends can benefit from the community trading model.
Your invitations will be included as a discount on your purchases or you can follow up the amount of your total discounts under the "Balance" menu.

Purchase something, or participate in the trading as a club member!

As a member you can shop via share; via invitations you can reduce the product price to as low as 1 Euro.

Earn money on Postrader

How many shares do you make a day?
How many posts?
In community trading it means money for you!

Shop by sharing.

Product prices can be lowered via sharing to as low as 1 Eruo.

Trust and safety


The products covered by warranty; our company also offers shipping and customer services.

Shipping and payment

You can pay with PayPal, bankcard and transfer. The shipping is free in Europe by Fedex and DHL.

Online support

For your questions and problems our online support is available every weekdays in working time.