Functioning of Postrader



Purchase with great prizes from a wide selection, or take home everything for 10$ with the help of the community!


You can choose from over 100.000 new, warranty products on our website. You don't have to check the prices, because anything can be taken for 10$ with the help of the community.

How to purchase?

  1. Choose a product
  2. Add to your list, by clicking on the "Put it in my List" button
  3. You can decide to buy the product immediately or you create a campaign and wait until the price of your product decreases.
  4. You can find your chosen product under the `My List` menu section.
  5. After you placed the product into the cart, enter your data and select payment method. After payment, our colleagues start to process your order and delivery in the next 24 hours on working days.

Select product

You can choose from more than 100.000 products under the Products menu section. You can take home any products at the indicated price, or you can reduce its price to 10$ by starting a campaign.


Here you can add your product to your cart, or start a campaign. If you do not want to purchase the chosen one you can change it. Products can be taken any time on full price, or even on the reduced price.

Payment, delivery

Enter your delivery and billing data in the `pay desk` then choose payment method. This can be bank transfer, credit card or paypal. Delivery time may vary according to the given country from 3 to 30 days.

Extra campaign

You can create an extra campaign in your list, which is useful because your campaign will appear on the main page, where visitors can reward it with a like, for which you can get either 10$ as additional commission in your Share Pocket or they will join your community thus from their further invitations and campaign package purchases you will receive discounts continuously. You can follow your supporters under the `My community` menu.

Create campaign

The more colorful and interesting campaign you start, the better chances you have to gain supporters. They will later have an important community building role in your life, because when the community likes you, they constantly provide you with passive product purchase discounts.

In our system, you can reduce the price of any product to 10$ by collecting community supporters.

Steps of creating a campaign

  1. Select the product from your list that you want to campaign.
  2. Make yourself interesting with the editor, convince others why to support you.
  3. Add to your campaign description, picture, and choose background color.
  4. You can edit your already running campaigns in your list anytime.
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