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The 10th grade of Roosevelt High School in America decided to travel to Colorado and visit Disney World, but they needed 5200 USD only to pay for the entrance, which they could not afford.

On the site of Postrader our head teacher reserved a few travelling Vouchers, then the students of the class started to invite their family and friends to the site, who helped them with their free registration in order to go for the trip together.

After 5 days there was 24000 USD in the `Share Pocket of the class`. A little after a week, when the friends they invited started to actively use the platform and create extra campaigns for themselves, there was already 7250 dollars in their Active Pocket, with which they exceeded their goal. Because the process is viral and the balance constantly grows by itself , they are planning to organize another trip but not only for themselves but for the other classes as well.

London Mairy: I stayed at home with my kids for almost 2 years now, so I communicate a lot through Facebook. I received an invitation from my sibling who is living in America about a new site, called Postrader to try the page. Even at the beginning it was clear to me, that I can collect serious amount of money, that I constantly receive, for posting, invitations and therefore for the growing community. By creating extra campaigns I could raise these amounts more, which I could use for product purchases at the end, so most of the time I was shopping for free. I like this site very much, so I showed it to the members of my family and to my friends. Everybody liked it very much!

A student from the University of Arkansas started 50 invitations, which were accepted by 22 people who also registered, from which he had 126$ in his Share Pocket (after invitations) that day. His 22 friends also started invitations and their friends did the same thing, so the 15 minutes work of the student created a community of 27.517 people, after 17 days through the invitations of his community. The balance of his Share Pocket rose up to 11.345$, because the system gives credit after each and every person. After 8 days the balance of his Active Pocket started to grow, because members of the community started to purchase extra campaigns, thus helping him to 3.450$, so on the 17th day he could purchase a product worth $14.795.

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